Glam Bang

Glam Bang

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July 13th 2024 at Alte Börse

VERNISSAGE: 19:00 - 22:00

Free entry

NUDIFUL presents


Visual Art by Thomas Von Aagh & Lorand Lajos

What is femininity in an artificial world?
Thomas and Lorand explore with the help of Evangelos the meaning and aesthetic of our organic bodies in contrast to technocratic elements in order to ask the profound question: Does technology makes us more powerful or a slave to our own creation?

PARTY: 22:00 - 6:00

Tickets are available via ticket link below or at the box office

From art to ecstasy in an instant. 

Be ready for sexy disco and underground house vibes by Roberto Q Ingram and get to the next level of groovy techno music by the incomparable STAANA. Meanwhile the beautiful rooms of the ABC Club are fill up with an ambient of otherworldly art, radiant personalities and breathtaking fashion.


  • B4ME brings a punchy, dynamic and energetic sound to his set’s creating journeys which intertwine and connect individuals with sound. 
  • Staana will dive us deeper with her rythmic beats that let your body sweat and your mind explode into ecstatic joy


Chic Kink meets Glam Bitch

Show us your sexiest, most outrageous part of you. Wear that special outfit that you absolutely love but is maybe too much anywhere else.

For fashion inspiration and the perfect accessories check our webshop.

Join us for a night of unforgettable art, jawdropping fashion and electrifying music!